ARTIST TIP | Five Ways to Beat Smudging!

‘Tis the season for smoky eyes!!  Try a couple of these tips to conquer any smudging woes!

1. Dust a generous amount of loose powder underneath the eyes prior to eyeshadow application.  No need to blend the loose powder, an excess amount will help you easily sweep away loose bits of eyeshadow fallout later.

2.  Apply concealer after eyeshadow – it works just like an eraser! Wipe away any loose bits of shadow, and then apply + blend your concealer atop.  Applying concealer after will spare you having to completely redo your concealer if bits of eyeshadow fall where you don’t want.

3.  Apply eyeliner as usual and smudge with your brush.  Control the application and keep it close to the lashline as possible, but don’t fret over excess eyeshadow falling outside where intended, because you can easily clean it up after!  Use a q-tip to clean edges and refine the lines.  I’m still a huge fan of these dollar store q-tips (yes, that’s 400 q-tips for a little over $1!)…just be sure to use a light  touch and never drag the delicate skin around the eyes!

4.   Hold a tissue beneath the eye to catch any fall-out. Wedge a tissue between your hand and your cheek as you apply eyeshadow.  The tissue will again catch any fallout and prevent it from smearing on your cheek.  If you want more mobility/flexibility for your drawing hand, try Shadow Shields – a fancier take on the same basic concept!

5.  Wet your brush before dipping it in eyeshadow. Eyeshadow will adhere better to a wet brush and minimize loose bits from flying around.  Bonus effect:  eyeshadow will appear more vivid and bold when used wet…perfect for a night out!!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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