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Awww Joe Fresh!  I’ve blogged a few times about my love for this great Canadian brand.  Joe Fresh is all about making beauty easy + accessible.  We’re talking great value at an affordable pricepoint, easy-to-work with formulas and colours that are on trend!   Pretty great, no?  Or, eh?!  Well, it gets even better as you can find Joe Fresh beauty + clothing items at your local Loblaws (yes, buying actual food with the ‘grocery’ allowance is significantly hampered when I go grocery shopping where Joe Fresh products are sold!).

While working with the Diet Coke Beauty Boost team, I was fortunate to try a full bag of goodies from Joe Fresh and get even more exposure to this amazing brand.  Here’s the lowdown of my faves from Joe Fresh Beauty…just in time for Canada Day!

Lipsticks – First off, the pricepoint for Joe Fresh’s lipsticks is only $6!  In today’s make-up world, $6 usually doesn’t go a long way, unless you’re buying items on sale.  You can get colours that are on-trend and totally wearable, and still have money for other things (like Joe Fresh clothing or err, groceries?!).  Speaking of being on-trend, Joe Fresh’s Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia is all. the. rage. It’s much loved by beauty bloggers and beauty editors…and in fact, Canadian beauty + actor, Elisha Cuthbert is rocking the bright coloured lip in Fuchsia on Flare’s July cover!  The only problem you might have with this colour is finding it.  Other colours to note:  Poppy and Watermelon – just like Fuchsia – these are beautiful bright mattes for summer and are right on-trend!

Pop Gloss – So yes, very true, the bright lip trend isn’t for everyone…and as always there are alternatives to making the trend work for you rather than the trend wear you!  One of my fave ways to reinterpret the bright lip trend is to wear a bright gloss.  I’m loving Pop Gloss colours like Grape and Pink Lemonade that give just a hint of colour to my lips, especially since I tend to favour playing up my eye make-up.  Pop glosses have a non-sticky texture and apply quite sheer.  If you want a bit more intensity, layer it atop one of the bright coloured lipsticks for a pretty, summer-ready look!  Pop Glosses retail for $10.

Cream Blush – I’ve already blogged about my love for these babies!  The cream blushes are so easy-to-use, which is a term that you can’t apply to many cream blushes!  The creamy and easy-to-blend texture leaves just the right amount of colour, so you’ll never look like a streaky cream-blush-mess.   Cream blushes in Melon, Bloom and Rose are at the top of my make-up love list lately – the ‘glow-from-within’ look and texture makes for an easy summer look.  It’s clear that I love them, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll leave you to find out more about why (and how I like to apply them) in this previous post.  Cream blushes retail for $8 (such a good deal!!).  Yeah, it’s love in a blush pan.

Bronzers – I was super impressed with the quality of Joe Fresh’s bronzers and have added a dusting of Tan to my morning routine.  The golden brown bronzer does have a very slight shimmer finish to it, but it’s subtle enough even for me (lately, I’ve been more self-conscious when wearing shimmer products on cheeks and face…and have been favouring more cream, matte or satin finishes).  I’ve also been using Joe Fresh’s Bronzer to cheat my complexion back into balance with my tanned arms that don’t necessarily get as much scrubbing, exfoliating action as my face.  We all know anyway that for long-term health and beauty benefits, it’s better to stay out of the sun….luckily, you can always fake that you got some sun with this amazing bronzer!  This bronzer retails for $8, but is quite comparable to bronzers priced twice as much….at that price, it’s easy to get your glow on!

Nail Polish – Along with the lip products, Joe Fresh’s nail polishes are the top contenders for my hands-down favourites from this line.  Again, the colours are so on-trend and glide on easily.  For anyone looking for an alternative to the bright lip trend, these are a super fun way to play with colour for summer.  Joe Fresh has every colour imaginable :  Crush – a vivid orange; Cobalt – an electric blue; Bloom – a bright pink; Papaya – a red-orange and Pineapple – a tropical yellow!

This week on Rogers Daytime Toronto, I was asked by Rogers Daytime host, Val Cole, about the wear-ability of a colour like Cobalt – especially since a colour like blue on the nails was once considered ‘freakish’!  The answer to this is it depends on your level of comfort – if you’re already having reservations about it or if you think it may not be office-appropriate, then save it for a night out or the weekend!  The whole point with make-up is to have fun with it…and to  look and feel good while wearing it.  I have 3 colours in my current rotation for summer:  Pineapple, Crush and Bloom.  Can’t decide on just one you like either?!  Well, here’s reason to justify a multi-item purchase:  1 Joe Fresh nail polish retails for $4 each, or you can buy 3 polishes for $10.  See, top contender!!

Speaking of which, gotta paint my nails for this Canada Day long weekend…enjoy your long weekend everybody and watch out for the Diet Coke Beauty Boost mobile salon to celebrate a great Canadian brand like Joe Fresh for yourself!!

Other notable mentions by Joe Fresh: the Five Minute Face Palette,  the synthetic brushes (lip + concealer), really thin felt-tip waterproof liquid liner, eyebrow powders, eyebrow pencils, lipstains, lip glosses!  I clearly could spend all night blogging about the Joe products I love!




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