WEDDING | Chantele

Aww Chantele! This bride has a very special place in my heart, as we’ve been good friends since high school….and that’s waaay back.  We’ve known each other through really bad hairstyles, braces, different hair colours, baggy pants and really thick eyeliner (yep, high school!).  In fact, I credit Chantele with introducing me to a forever-fave L’oreal’s Lineur Intense eyeliner!

I remember doing Chantele’s make-up for her debut (a Filipino traditional celebration when a girl turns 18 and is ‘introduced’ to society, transitioning from childhood to adulthood).  Ever the supportive friend of the artistrhi dream, Chantele was one of the first people to be one of my make-over guinea pigs…and that’s always a good test of a friendship, as back then, I was definitely still learning!  Fast forward to today, and it’s an amazing honour to continue to have her friendship…and of course to be able to share in her wedding day by doing what I love…for someone I love!

The love affair for Chantele (and Lineur Intense) continues…

Love ya, Chanteleee! xo

Make-up:  Rhia Amio (
Make-up Assistant:  Fiona Man

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