BEAUTY BUZZ | IMATS Toronto this weekend!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and are a beauty enthusiast, you have to check out IMATS (aka the International Make-up Artist Trade Show), an annual event bringing together some of the best brands in the cosmetics industry.  IMATS is essentially the equivalent of a make-up-artist being like a kid in a candy store!  But of course you don’t necessarily need to be a make-up artist to attend – the event is open to everyone!  Tickets can be purchased in advance of the event, or at the door, depending on availability.

At IMATS, you’ll find many professional (and make-up artist approved) brands, some of which aren’t always easily accessible in Canada – all under one roof and often better-priced!  Make-up artists can score deals on kit essentials like disposables, brushes + palettes…while all attendees can score some discounts that are usually only available to make-up artists!

I personally am not a very patient shopper (I dread the Christmas shopping crowds and line-ups at the register!).  I like to do my research beforehand, make a list and then get-in-and-out as soon as I can!  If you’re shopping style resembles mine, here are a couple of IMATS survival tips:

1.  Cash is king.
Line-ups are generally a lot longer for credit/debit payments.  Bring plenty of cash because i). once you’re there you’ll wish you brought more and ii).  sometimes you get better deals for paying ‘cash only’.  :)

2.  Print out a map + vendor list – much easier than trying to read it on your smartphone.  Here I’ll make it easy.
Make your plan of attack and highlight the vendors you want to visit – go to the booths that are usually most popular (i.e. Make-up Forever where most of the good stuff goes on the first day!).
[Recommended products/items will follow in another post] :)

3.  Following on that note, go on the first day for best selection.

4.  Dress comfortably (shoes included) and also wear your patience hat.  It’s a look even I try to don with my time-efficient shopping style.  :)

More details on IMATS this weekend:

Toronto Congress Centre, North Hall H
650 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, November 12th (General admission) 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday, November 13th, (General admission) 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Further info at

Happy shopping!!

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