BEAUTY BUZZ | IMATS shopping list

Here’s a rundown of what I would check-out (and previous experiences!) at IMATS in alphabetical order:

Alcone – best sponges in the business!  These are pro make-up artist approved and likely quick to sell-out!

Crown Brush – stock up on your disposables, particularly mascara wands and disposable lip brushes (I use these for making touch-up kits for brides).  You can buy in bulk for a great deal.  I also buy some brushes, mostly synthetic lip brushes for adding to my kit.  When it comes to other face brushes like for eyes, cheeks and powder, I would personally save your money for spending on higher-end brands.  I bought some Crown Brushes 3 years ago, and stopped using them early last year – for the low prices I paid though, I would say I got my money’s worth with the couple years of use!

FACE atelier – This well-loved Canadian brand is famous for their silky, silicone-based Ultra Pro foundations.  Ultra Pro foundations are super-pigmented – so a little goes a long way.  I find the silicone-based foundation can work great as an everyday foundation (if you’re not prone to being oily), but I do tend to shy away from it when working with brides, as I prefer a more demi-matte finish.

Graftobian – Graftobian’s HD Glamour Creme Foundation are HD-friendly and should be a staple in artists’ kits, especially for working on-set.  Split into cool, warm and neutral shades for ease of use and to cover all skin tones.

Kett – love their Hydro Airbrush make-up, which is a staple in my kit!  It’s a beautiful water-based foundation with a demi-matte finish.  Also love their Hydro Proof Airbrush make-up (alcohol-based) – a must for make-up artists that work with brides for its long-lasting, waterproof, budgeproof, smudgeproof (you get it) ability.

MAC – self-explanatory!  MAC was initially designed for make-up artists to perform on-set and under hot lights, and now it’s an internationally known brand to the masses.  You only need to reference here to see my multiple MAC mentions on the blog.  Always lots of colour to play with here, but in the past, haven’t seen very many ‘deals’.

MUFE – again, self-explanatory!  I would plan to head to this c0unter first, as items tend to go quickkk!  I have mad love for Make-up Forever, as you can see with all these posts here.  On the recommended list:  HD concealers, HD blushes, HD Primer, Aqua Creams, Aqua Eyes liner…yes, this list could go on and on.

Model in a Bottle – Model in Bottle is a setting spray to keep make-up in place (like a hairspray but for the face!).  I’m curious to try their sensitive skin formula, as I stopped using the regular alcohol-based formula several months into using it after a skin irritation.  Read the labels on usage!!  I probably should too. :)

NARS – super-pigmented, super-quality and beautiful colour collection.  NARS always tops the lust list.

Nurturing Force – love their airbrush cleaner that can be used to clean out water-based, silicone-based or alcohol-based products out of your airbrush gun!  Gets out even the toughest of clogs, like those times I forget to clean my gun after a gig.  (oops!)

Yaby – artist friendly because it’s developed by a make-up artist!  A whole artist kit is meant to fit into a purse.  I love the idea of everything being compact – the palettes consist of smaller eyeshadow pans so you can fit even more colours all in one handy palette.  I have 2 of the pre-set palettes – Dramatically Neutral and in World of Pearl Paints. I tend to use the Pearl Paints more often, and tend to like using neutrals from my other non Yaby palettes.  I would recommend creating your own palette while you can try-before-you-buy at IMATS – maybe if I did so, I’d use the ‘neutral’ palette more often!

Züca, Inc. – I love Züca.  My Züca bag is one of the best investments I ever made for my make-up career!  Talk about making my life easier – among other things, it keeps me organized, acts as a back-up seat for a model (for when doing an on-location shoot), and its double-wheels helps me go up stairs with ease!  This Züca review here has been one of the most searched topics on my site.  Of course, the Züca doesn’t come cheap, but I think it’s totally worth it!

Happy shopping!!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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