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Ok, now this is really cool…and amazing for anyone with a dream! Yes, I’m talking to YOU (well, ‘you’ if you’re a female residing in Canada between 18-35). If you read this blog, it’s hopefully not only because you like make-up, but also because a huge part of you believes in living your dreams (like I do! In my case, my dream to be a Make-up Artist).

Tri-Cyclen Lo is giving young ladies across Canada the chance to win $10,000 in cash towards pursuing your Dream – all you have to do is make a stand-out video about what you aspire to be and how you would use the $10,000 start-up towards your Dream.  Neat, right?!  Get creative with your entry, as the more views it gets, the better your chance of winning.  More details can be found on the Who Inspires U site.

If you’re camera-shy, there are other opportunities to win.  You can enter the monthly contests each month – this month’s prize pack is valued at $1,000 and includes an iPad3.

While you’re clicking away, be sure to check out some of the cool videos on Youtube and/or on Facebook.  Not going to lie…I had tears in my eyes watching last year’s winner, Daniela Andrade – not only does she have a beautiful voice – the way she describes her Dad is totally the way my parents are.  I can pursue my dreams today because of all they have done.

So really I wouldn’t be doing what I do as a Make-up Artist if not for being inspired by my loved ones, by those who I aspire to emulate…well, and by Oprah (anyone remember when Kevyn Aucoin was on her show too?!  Now, that’s original inspiration)!  Anyway, I digress…so tell me, or actually show me in a video (so you can maybe win the prize courtesy of Tri-Cyclen Lo!), Who Inspires U?!

More details on rules and regulations here:  http://www.whoinspiresu.ca/videocontestrules.  Please visit the Who Inspires U site for further details and inspiration!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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