WEDDING | Finding Your Bridal Beauty Style

Finding Your Bridal Beauty Look by Rhia Amio Toronto Make-up Artist
It’s well into that time of the year…wedding season! :) As you’re going through the motions of planning, here are some make-up options (celeb inspired and real-people wearable!) to consider as you narrow in on your Big Day look:

Choose a Romantic look if you’re a natural beauty (a.k.a make-up minimalist day-to-day). A Romantic look is best for the bride who really wants to ‘look like herself’, with flawless skin and barely there make-up.
Celeb Inspiration: Fresh colours like pinks and peaches highlight Jessica Biel’s natural beauty, without looking overdone.

Opt for Classic if you’re drawn to old screen sirens and if shows like Mad Men are at the top of your must-watch list. A classic red lip look is usually best for ladies that already wear bolder colours on the lips (in other words, the wedding day is not necessarily the best time to try something new and ‘too’ outside of your comfort zone!).
Celeb Inspiration: Rihanna is one of those celebs that I consider a colour chameleon, but I especially love the timeless look of red lips on her. Red lips suit a vintage-themed bride well.

If you’re after a bridal look that’s kicked up a notch but not too intense, then a Sultry look is all you. Emphasis here is on the eyes with several shades of neutral toned eyeshadows blended for a subtle smoky effect.
Celeb Inspiration: Kiera Knightley’s smoky eyes are more subtle than dramatic by using shades of taupe, espresso and grey rather than basic black, which can be more harsh.

Finally, if being a superstar bride is your wedding vision, then a Glam look will have you red-carpet / aisle-ready! Opt for this look if you’re ok with intense make-up (I fit into this heavy-handed category), and likely if you’re already used to wearing a significant amount of make-up on a daily basis.  (Again, the wedding day isn’t always the best day to try something totally new!).
Celeb Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez (another beauty chameleon!) and her überglam smoky eyes. Similar to the previous look, the eyes are the focus here again, but it’s no holding back on the glam factor – with plenty of black eyeshadow (well-blended of course), layers of mascara and false lashes. Pair bold eyes with a neutral pink beige lip to keep the intensity focused on the eyes.

Whatever bridal style you choose, be sure to test-run it first.  Arrange to do a trial with your make-up artist…or if you’re pulling a Kate Middleton and doing your own make-up, do a couple of practice runs and take photos so that you can evaluate the final look. I always suggest to my brides to co-ordinate their bridal trial make-up with something like their engagement shoot, so they can see how the make-up looks on-camera and through the lens (and editing style) of their wedding photographer. With that, you can gauge whether to up or step down the intensity for the Big Day before you commit to the look.  After all, next to matrimony, your make-up look and the photos you’ll have to remember the day are a serious commitment, right?!

Stay tuned for more tips + product recommendations on how to get these bridal beauty looks… :)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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  • July 25, 2013

    Tobi's Touch

    Gorgeous looks. Dont forget good skin care products to prep the skin. Make up should enhance not mask!

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