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Romantic Bridal Beauty by Rhia Amio Toronto Make-up ArtistThe Romantic bridal look is all about the make-up that you can’t see.
This is one of those make-up looks that takes a little more work than appears…the highly coveted ‘natural’ look is usually never that natural – it takes several products, plenty of blending and work!

When brides request this look, I focus on perfecting skin with the usual routine of moisturizer, primer, foundation and concealer.  (I won’t get into detail on that in these posts, because goodness knows I can spend forever talking about beauty-related info!!  Did I even mention contouring and highlighting?  See I could go on and on!  All that stuff is on the blog somewhere).

Anyway, I digress.  Back to our romantic bridal beauty – these tips will help you nail the look with ease:

1.  using eyeshadow primer
Marcelle has a really impressive set of long-lasting cream eyeshadows.  Their Velvety Eyeshadow + Primer cream eyeshadows are crease-proof and come in different shades to add a hint of colour to the eyes.  Wear it alone, or layer your shadows over top to extend the lifetime of your eye make-up application.  I love the slight shimmer and brightening effect of the colour Primer Rose (and have actually been using this on a daily basis).  The subtle shimmer effect adds dimension to the eyes, which is great for enhancing the lids in the 2D-flatness of photos.  Just don’t overdo the shimmer/glitter.  Please. Just.  Don’t.
Side note:  Marcelle products are available at your drugstore.  I know that’s always a bonus to brides that are trying to manage their bridal budgets!
Double Bonus:  These eyeshadows are long-wearing and will take you well into the night of your Big Day, and yes even through tears, sweat + oily lids.  Heck yes!

2.  tightlining
Adding eyeliner to the inner rims (the waterlines) of the eyes defines the eyes and also makes lashes look fuller…and it does all that without looking like a visible drawn line of eyeliner.  Use Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Eye Liner and Tightline Activator together to make the cake liner water resistant (and last against the tears that are characteristic of a wedding day!).

I know applying eyeliner to the inner rims of the eyes can be intimidating, but Laura Mercier’s Flat Eyeliner brush makes the process easy.  Honestly.  Using the brush, start at the outer corner of the eye and just press the cake liner + activator combo into the waterline, take a blinking break, and then move your brush inward towards the nose and press again.  Repeat until you reach the inner corner and do the same on the other eye.  The key here is that you don’t have to do one continuous line – think of it as a dotting method.  Your eyes will thank you (especially for the blinking breaks!).

3.  neutral tones
NARS Blush in Douceur is a neutral dirty pink that looks more like a soft contour, than pink.  I love that it adds definition to the cheeks without giving too much obvious colour.  MAC’s Blush in Cubic (not pictured above) has a similar effect.
For lips, it depends on the natural pigment of your own lips, but pretty pink shades like Hue and Angel by MAC work well for the soft Romantic look.  If these turn out too light for a bride’s liking, I usually add a peachy pink gloss atop to warm up and also deepen the shade (try MAC’s Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher or Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace in Bellini).

Sooo….did you say “yes” to this look?

Photo of Roda byTherese De Jesus (


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