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Beauty Essentials for On-set (TV, Film) by Rhia Amio, Make-up and Hair Artist in Toronto
This post is a little different and more specific…it’s for the make-up artists out there always looking for ways to make their kit more efficient while working on-set (i.e. particularly for photoshoots, television and film).

When working on set, put simply, you have to work fast. I’m talking fast like the crew’s thinking you should have been done 5 minutes ago when you literally just started.  Time is money on set, and you never want to be the person holding everything up…because the likelihood of you being called back is inversely proportional to the amount of time it takes for you to the job quick (but still do it well!). I’ve learned lots while working on set and (relearned stuff that I thought I knew!), mainly from faking it till I make it (shhhh!)…and from watching other artists in action and how they manage to pull off the job.  I’ll try to spare you some of the trouble of having to ‘fake it’…and let you in on these tried and tested products that are my go-to’s while working on-set:

Kim Greene set bags
When first working on-set, I learned quickly that my pockets could only hold so much stuff for touch-ups….and after nearly dropping and shattering my compact powders a couple of times, I realized that the combo of packing my brush belt and pockets wasn’t exactly the most efficient method of accessing the items I would need in a hurry.  Enter Kim Greene’s line of set bags, literally a clear stand-out winner with its multiple compartments and see-through finish, making for the ultimate in organization.  The development of Greene’s line was the result of her experiences working and travelling as a make-up artist in Hollywood, and recognizing the need to keep her supplies organized and sanitary (thank you, Kim Greene!).  What’s better is that this handy set bag can carry more than my pockets could ever….AND more importantly, I can find whatever I need easily because of the multiple compartments and the bag’s transparency.  The plastic finish also means its super easy to clean…because some times those powders just break on their own!  :|

Graftobian HD Super Palettes
Packing your product into palettes means you can pack more while carrying less AND also easily access any items you might need.  These HD creme foundation palettes by Graftobian are a god-send.  Not only are they good for lightening your kit load, they’re also the perfect go-to when you need to quickly correct something on set, as carrying around a bottle of liquid foundation or your airbrush machine isn’t always the most practical.  The foundation itself gives medium to heavy coverage, but can also be sheered down with a little moisturizer or a damp sponge (which is what I usually like to do, depending on my subject’s skin).  It’s HD friendly (i.e. no reflective SPF content) and has a demi-matte finish, so skin still looks like skin….even under the scrutiny of the HD lens.

The Super Palettes are available in Warm, Cool and Neutral.  I have the Warm + Cool in my kit because really you can make any Neutral tone by mixing from those palettes (hello Colour Theory and stuff that also makes you look like an ‘artist’!).

Kett Powder
I love this setting powder.  I use it on everything…well, everyone!  For my own personal use, on shoots and even for my brides.  I love that it’s colourless, and gets rid of shine without leaving a powder-y mask-like texture.  And it works wonders on bald heads, because goodness knows that studio lights also tend to amplify shine there. Yep, I said it!

John Frieda Full Repair Fly Away Tamer
This little tidbit I picked up from superstar artist, Vanessa Jarman of Page One Management, who I’ve had the wonderful honour of assisting a couple of times.  I’ve seen it been used to tame stubborn fly-aways and set unruly brows in place.  Note:  Get rid of out-of-place fly-aways and you’ll become a retoucher’s as well as a director’s best friend, as fly-aways are a pain to edit in post-processing!  Believe me, this little gem of a product is much easier to carry around and use than a can of hair spray when on set (although you should still probably have some hair spray handy).  Use the Fly Away Tamer sparingly as a little goes a long way and it does take a bit to dry if you’ve applied too much (and like I said, time waits for no one on set!).

Let me know if these make your set life easier…and if you have any suggestions for my set kit too!  Just like the products and tips picked up from industry pros like Kim Greene and Vanessa Jarman, hearing from other artists is the best way to learn…

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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