BEAUTY SHOT | Before and After Bridal Trial

I’m a firm believer that make-up doesn’t have to look too ‘made up’, especially when it comes to your wedding day.  Mind you, it does take effort (and make-up!) to achieve the natural look, but the pay-off is stunning.  Plenty of flattering impact can be made with the make-up that you can’t see … so not the obvious colour stuff like your lipstick, shadow and liner – but the subtlety that contouring, defining your brows and adding false eyelashes can do to bring out your features.

I think a lot of my brides gravitate towards my ‘style’ because many of them barely wear make-up and they are at ease with my best ‘you’ approach to beauty.  Of course, I always love a good smoky eye and dramatic make-up when a bride opts for that, but often there’s beauty in subtlety.

Whatever look your opt for your wedding day, the key is to make sure it’s in your comfort zone.  So if you’re a minimalist beauty girl or more naturally heavy-handed like me, try a few looks during your trial with your make-up professional to gauge what makes you feel your best.

Here’s a before and after with a natural bridal beauty who went for a natural look.  I love the impact from defining the brows!

Side note:  I wish I had eyebrows.  Don’t overtweeze, people!!

Bridal Beauty by Rhia Amio Toronto Make-up and Hair Artist artistrhiBridal Beauty by Rhia Amio Toronto Make-up and Hair Artist artistrhi


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