WEDDING | Vivian + Dan by Claudia Hung of Wedding Editorials

How. friggen. awesome. are. these. PHOTOS.

Yes, that deserved it’s very own line!

Viv + Dan’s wedding day was all class…ok, maybe not the stuff the guys had to do for those traditional Chinese door games (that are always fun to watch, mind you, but probably not to participate in!)…but really we’re talking an amazing couple, a visionary photographer and a wicked hair artist.  What an honour to work with such an amazing group of people that consistently inspires me and makes me want to elevate what I do!  This is the stuff Big Day dreams are made of.  (And my dreams too).

Captured exquisitely by Claudia Hung of Wedding Editorials. ♥

Photography:  Claudia Hung of Wedding Editorials (
Hair:  Suzie Kim (
Make-up:  Rhia Amio (
Event Venue:  The Eglinton Grand in Toronto, Ontario

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