Q & A | Wearing Sunscreen Under Make-up

Q: I’ve found that when I put on sunscreen, my face gets slightly moist (even when the lotion is completely absorbed), and that any powder on top (blush, foundation), goes on streaky as it “catches” on the sunscreen. It takes a long time for the sunscreen to be completely absorbed (back to normal skin consistency, anyway), so how do you apply powder foundation after (especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to completely dry out)?

A: There are a couple of options for SPF protection under your make-up application. You want to look for an oil-free face moisturizer that has an SPF built-in. If the moisturizer formula with SPF has been developed for the face, it should typically be less greasy and absorb into the skin better. Usually, you have to wait at least 30 minutes before any moisturizer is completely absorbed, but who has that kind of time to sit around and wait??? I use Neutrogena Moisture for face that comes in several versions along with one that incoporates an SPF. But what works for my skin, will not always be the same for what works for your skin.

To avoid the greasiness altogether, try a primer type product that has an built-in SPF instead. Along with having the benefit of an SPF, a primer product will help to prepare the skin for make-up application and help prolong the life of your make-up throughout the day. Since your routine consists mainly of applying powder foundation and powder blush, a primer would be perfect for smoothing out the surface of the skin. You should notice less the appearance of pores and slight lines once the powder foundation is applied atop primed skin. Here a couple of options to try:

Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25 helps to protect the skin against the harsh realities of the sun (with a choice of SPF ranging from 25 to 40). You can check out some of the reviews of the product here.

NARS popular primer also comes in an SPF version. The NARS Make-up Primer with SPF 20 is designed to have all the benefits of its predecessor, but comes in a more lightweight formula.

Before you commit to buying one product, I would suggest going to your local Sephora to obtain samples of the products you’re interested in. That way you can test-run them and gage how your own skin reacts with the product before making the investment!

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