PRODUCT REVIEW | MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

We’ve been talking shimmer all week so I figured it fitting to review one of my fave products for getting my glow on! MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish (see picture at left) is a simple way to give your skin an instant wake-up. Mineralize Skinfinish has a high power shine that works perfectly to add dimension to the face. Use it sparingly atop the cheeks, browbone, inner corner of the eye and the cupid’s bow of the lip. Blend thoroughly so that the achieved effect isn’t screaming shimmer, but rather catches the light as you move your head at different angles. Highlighting is a wonderful make-up artist trick, but keep in mind to make it work for real life, its effect should be subtle.

Mineralize Skinfinish comes with options. You can either get it as a full compact (see top left pic) or as a duo with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on the other half (see top right pic). Mineralize Skinfinish Natural provides more of a matte finish, but the baked-in minerals of this powder give more of a dimensional effect rather than regular and non-mineral setting powder.

Personally, I find powder highlighters a lot easier to work with than liquid highlighters. Liquid highlighters tend to dry fast and if not blended out properly can look like a bold bright streak. You’ll know you’ve done it right as people will be complimenting your glowing skin and not your perfected make-up technique!

TIP: Make sure you take care of your skin with a regular cleansing and moisturizing routine. The shimmer of a highlight product can draw attention to bumps and uneven surfaces in the skin. If your skin tends to be more problematic, skip the highlighter on the cheeks but still use it on the eye area and by the lips.

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