ARTIST TIP | Make Your Shimmer Stand Out and Shine On

Since shimmer is an attention-grabber, we have to make sure that the areas we are drawing attention to are in check! Particularly, on a high-migration area like the eyelids, shimmer can go from fab to drab once the eye make-up starts to crease. Try these proactive steps to make your shimmer stay put:

1. Use a base. Distribute it evenly on the eyelid using a light touch with your ring finger (I know I’m using my pinky to blend out above I swear by MAC Paints and Paint Pots. For a neutral base, opt for either Bare Study or Sublime Nature depending on your skin tone.

TIP: Using a base will neutralize your skin tone and bring out the true colour of the shimmer you’re applying. Applying a base will also help to absorb any excess oils on the eyelids helping your shimmer application to glide on more evenly and prevent creasing throughout the day.

2. Use a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator (see pic above) to build up the colour of the shimmer. If you use a brush, use a patting motion to build the colour up. Brushing on the colour using a back and forth stroking motion will blend and undo what you’ve already done.

TIP: No need to spend lots of money on sponge-tip applicators. If you like the professional look of a long wand, Wal-mart has a great version that comes with replaceable tips all for under $2! Otherwise, buy the small eyeshadow applicators in bulk from a beauty supply distributor and save the real money for great quality brushes! ;)

3. Optional: Wet the sponge-tip applicator before dipping it in the shimmer for more of a high-power shimmer.

Shine on!

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