KIT ESSENTIAL | The Crease Brush

The crease brush is an indispensable tool for applying your eyeshadow. The crease brush completely transformed the method I used to apply eyeshadow both on myself and on clients. The tip of the crease brush tapers towards the centre to form a pointed shape and allow for precise application of eyeshadow. The brush is particularly handy for building colour into the crease of the eye and for advanced make-up looks (like the smoky eye). It doubles as a great smudger brush, working well to blend eyeshadow and eyeliner for a subtle smoky effect.

ARTIST TIP: To get your best smoky eye yet, dip the brush in eyeshadow and tap twice to get rid of any excess eyeshadow. Push the brush back and forth into the crease (the fold of the eyelid). Keep the darkest part of the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, and blend slightly upward for a smoky effect and to get rid of any distinct edges. Repeat the process to build to your desired intensity.

TIPS FOR ASIAN EYES: If you have gorgeous Asian eyes, the crease brush is a definite must-have for your own daily routine. The smaller surface area of the tapered brush point gives you better control over where eyeshadow colour is applied. This works especially well when trying to do a smoky eye, as part of the trick to making this look work is knowing when to stop! Using too much of a dark coloured eyeshadow can make eyes look smaller, but the trusty crease brush does all the work for you and keeps that colour in the crease! Blend away!

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