Q & A | Applying Blush to a Round Shape Face

Q: Ok rhi, so where is the apple of your cheeks, and would doing so make a round shaped face look even rounder?

A: Great question! The apples of the cheeks are the rounded, fleshy areas that become more visible when you smile. Using a blush here can actually give the illusion of less surface area on the cheeks, and add dimension to a round shaped face. The trick is to keep the blush application higher on the apples and not blend too far downward. Smile as you’re applying your blush for a better view of the apples.

Here are some pointers:
For a subtle, dewy look use your two fingers (index and middle) to blend cream blush in circular motions atop the apples of the cheeks. Or for a brighter matte look, try a powder blush and brush. Apply the blush in circular motions atop the apples, and blend so the look is soft and diffused.

ARTIST TIP: If you feel like you’ve applied too much, dust a bit of translucent powder atop the cheeks to tone the blush down.

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