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A few years back, when trying to master my own camera (that I use for my Beauty Shots), I quickly learned that stand-out photography is more than just good lighting and a pretty face. A breath-taking image (you know those ones that really capture your attention) has the power to freeze a moment in time and capture a sense of emotion.; it has the ability to invoke that emotion within the viewer, and inspire.

One photographer who I have been fortunate to work with who does just that (well, and then some!) is the insanely talented Claudia Hung, Toronto-based Editorial and Wedding Photographer.

Gorgeous images are one thing, but what makes it even better that is Claudia is a real down-to-earth gem to work with! I’ve experienced first-hand how she interacts with everyone to make sure they’re comfortable, and it conveys in the final images. People aren’t posed – they’re in the moment and that’s what makes her stuff so compelling.

If you’re in the market for a photographer for your special event, you need only look at her portfolio – the images speak for themselves.

Be warned – she books up fast!

To contact Claudia and to see more of her talent in action, check out:
Wedding Blog


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