Q & A | How do I remove false eyelashes?

I usually hear this question when I do client appointments, as for many clients, it’s their first time wearing false eyelashes! I figured it would be a good reference to have the information on the blog here as well :)

Q: How do I remove false eyelashes?

A: Here’s what you’ll need: cotton pads (or papertowel), q-tips and an oil-based eye make-up remover.
1. Saturate the cotton pad (or a papertowel) with an oil-based eye make-up remover.

2. While keeping your eyes closed, gently press the saturated pad against your eyelid area to help loosen the glue. Hold for about 30 econds (and keep those eyes closed!)

3. Removed the saturated pad and wipe off any excess eye make-up remover from the skin.

4. Start from the outer corner of the false lash to see if the outer end has loosened. Gently pull, but never tug*, at the false lash to remove it.

*You should never have to tug at the false lashes (if you tug, you may risk ripping out some of your own natural lash! Sad as it is painful!). If the lashes are still pretty snug, apply more of the eye make-up remover, but this time use a q-tip to concentrate distribution of the remover wherever you see eyelash glue.

If you plan on re-using your falsies, clean them thoroughly and remove any dried glue. Return the falsies to their original packaging, so they retain their rounded shape for your next application.

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