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Q: How many times can I re-use false eyelashes?
A: False eyelashes can be re-used a good 2-3 times before it’s definitely time to chuck them. To maximize the wear out of your falsies, be sure to clean them gently, but thoroughly, after each use. Keep the container that the false lashes come in, and store the falsies back on the rounded center to retain their curved shape. Once the applied falsies start looking too crusty or crunchy, it’s time to invest in a new pair. Fortunately, many quality falsies don’t cost an arm and a leg! Brands like Ardell, Revlon and Quo (available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) all offer great looking falsies for under $7…and $7 for such a glamorous end result is definitely a steal to me!

Q: I have trouble with applying darker eyeshadows. Do you have any tips?
A: Typically when it comes to applying eyeshadow, the make-up products and tools you’re using can really make or break the look. Stick to high-pigmented shadows that glide on smooth, rather than chalky (essentially, you shouldn’t have to dig too hard at the colour for it to apply with intensity!). Most eyeshadows by prestige brands are worth the investment – they blend easier, last longer and you’ll end up using even less because the formula is so pigmented. Try Make-up Forever or MAC eyeshadows in particular – both lines offer an extensive selection of beautifully pigmented colours.

When it comes to darker eyeshadows, blending with the right brushes is key to achieving a professional look. I recommend at least two (I would recommend more if I could!) brushes for a smoky eye look:

1. a crease/pencil tip brush (i.e. MAC 219)
2. a blender brush (i.e. MAC 222)

Use the crease brush to precisely apply the darkest colour in the hollow of the eye down towards to the lashline. Use the blender brush to soften the look; blend atop the area you just applied eyeshadow too by using a back and forth motion. Apply more eyeshadow as desired, but always be sure to follow with blending. You want the finished look to be diffused – you don’t want to see where the line starts or stops!

More smoky eye tips: Save your concealer application until the very end of your routine. When using darker colours, there’s always the potential for flakes of shadow to stray from where you intended them to be. Dust some translucent powder underneath the eyes (or place a tissue beneath the eye as you apply eyeshadow) to catch any flailing bits that can lead to a smudgy mess! Once your eyeshadow application is done, then it’s safe to apply your concealer as normal and top it off with powder to set it.

For more smoky eye tips, get the look here (just in time for the holidays!)

Thanks M of Australia for these questions – hope these help!! :)

If you have a make-up related question you’d like to ask, drop me an email: rhia[at]artistrhi[dot]com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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