BEAUTY 101 | Smoky Eye FAQ – Do I put concealer on first?

I recently held a make-up lesson with two amazing and quick-learning clients (thanks A. and S.!). We focused on doing a smoky eye look for the lesson, and it reminded me how (understandably!) many women have questions on how to do it or how to improve on it.

The template at right (an oldie but a goodie!) is meant to be an approximate guideline for where the shades of eyeshadow go. Keep it in mind (and click it to enlarge it) – we’ll refer back to it frequently throughout the next few posts we do on the smoky eye technique.


Smoky Eye FAQ #4: Do I apply concealer first or after?
Apply concealer after you are finished applying your eyeshadow. It never fails – stray bits of eyeshadow can fall away from the area you intend to apply them…and once you go to attempt to swipe them away, a smudged mess remains (and the potential for increased frustration arises! Grrr.). To help prevent stray bits of eyeshadow from catching on the skin underneath the eye, brush on some loose powder just below the eyes. Once you’re done applying your eyeshadow, dust the loose powder and excess eyeshadow away and proceed to apply your concealer.

apply concealer after your smoky eye application is complete

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